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He has cancelled Bitcoin payment for the cars on Tesla website…

The price for 1 bitcoin is up over 30% from before Tesla added $1.5 Billion to the market. Now There has been over $400 billion added to the total market. This can be found on the Coinbase website here.

Is the price of Bitcoin looking at a stable future?

Elon's Twitter feed has his thoughts on what's next…

What does this mean for the price now — Important question to ask

  • Is the $60,000 valuation based on Tesla in the short-term?
  • Will other businesses follow in retracting crypto payments?
  • Does this mean Doge is going to get an endorsement from Tesla?

My thoughts (not financial advice)

  • Alt-coin market will boom for two weeks
  • Winners for the next 6 months will be decided by Alt-coin Market cap
  • BNB Coin is in a good position — (Think where is the trust)

Elon Musk is making noise about the energy that Bitcoin uses to maintain the network.

They 50 TWh of electricity annually. Elon wants to see this move to >1% of the current rate. On Twitter he stated he is looking for alternative currency. Mentioning another time he is working with the development team from Dogecoin.

Does this spell a spike for Doge?

On the widely anticipated SNL show, Elon asked to be called the Doge father. More of this man on TV is needed in my eyes. He’s pulling no stops for Redditors — Giving us gold for Memes

to keep to his word on Tesla accepting cryptocurrency Tesla is now looking to keep people happy as this had a massive wave up. the wave down is going to be just as large.

Special thanks to Graham Stephan, Check this as this is where I found out about this first — — — Video “Bitcoin just got cancelled”



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