Bitcoin Has Hit $50K🚀🚀🚀 Right Now

Where is next 60K or 40K?

We have finally done it — Bitcoin price pumps to $50,000 per coin

Halfway to $100,000.

I want to see the Altcoin market go sky high as this is a massive vote of confidence in Cryptocurrency.

Reddit has made a currency worth more than Panama.

Years in the works Bitcoins [Blue Sky Breakout] Gaining 50%+ since Elon talked on Robinhood two weeks ago.

We’ll assume Elon bought his $1.5 Billion before talking on social media. It’s clear to see that was a smart investment for him. Michael J. Saylor, American entrepreneur worth over $1 billion = 20222.32 Bitcoin also made bank as it cost him half that.

Waves of retail investors have had a blood boiling journey up and down. Volatility opening opportunity for high-risk traders. With wild swings and controversy on every corner, bitcoin has been an endless source of Enthusiasm for a new Monetary Policy to come. Possibly a more decentralised option.

Trading-View, with the range, since Elon told the world he supports Bitcoin.

Large gains like this have hedge funds full of FOMO as they gain confidence in Crypto as an asset class. Major investors have openly laughed on TV about Bitcoin for years. This just shows how these hedge fund managers have no more expertise than a dedicated retail investor. Crypto has interesting offers for humanity. Will these be realised is a question for history to answer.

Bitcoin Market value (Market Cap) is now $666 Billion Dollars. This is more than many countries make as GDP. I’ll list some tables to show what I mean.

The Market Cap of bitcoin is now over the GDP of a long list of contrys 🚀🚀🚀

Scales to measure a country's wealth to Bitcoin Total Market Cap
Lower GDP than Bitcoin Market Cap — Scale above

Those investors that got laughed at in the early days and bull run of 2017. now have numbers on their side. Anyone that bought at the highest price in 2018 has now, more than, doubled their money if they held. So Large investors who previously questioned Bitcoin as a hold of wealth now have only their own doubts to prevent them from investing.

If you are new to Crypto and are interested in what I think is the safest Wallet online for the beginner to feel secure they are involved in the Blockchain. You can follow this link to Coinbase to start an account — My first deposit was £300. That all I could afford, every little helps if you can be consistent with savings. This link will take you there:


  • Clubhouse breaking as Elon talks seriously about Cryptocurrency
  • GME Stonk wars on Reddit
  • Bitcoin jumps 10% in 15 minutes (twice)
  • 50% since Elon Musk spoke on Clubhouse

Summarising Elon’s worlds

We are still earlier in the game. If the game is the global resource market cap. With SpaceX launching test flights every month, right now they are getting closer to the end goal. Creating a space economy, backed by the

Morgan Stanley estimates, “$1 trillion or more in 2040, up from $350 billion, currently.”

Near term, space as an investment theme

  • Logan Paul said, “Waiting to get on the Elon stream was the first time I felt I was waiting to get into a busy club but it was online with avatars”, showing the star power Elon has pulling a crowd.

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