What I found.

This was hard to title.

For four months, I have been building a business from the ground up. Starting with market analysis then calling suppliers, building a website and setting up a Trading company. All without any revenues only dedication.

I employed a university mate to help with a promise…

More of

He has cancelled Bitcoin payment for the cars on Tesla website…

The price for 1 bitcoin is up over 30% from before Tesla added $1.5 Billion to the market. Now There has been over $400 billion added to the total market. This can be found on the Coinbase website here.

Where is next 60K or 40K?

We have finally done it — Bitcoin price pumps to $50,000 per coin

Halfway to $100,000.

I want to see the Altcoin market go sky high as this is a massive vote of confidence in Cryptocurrency.

Reddit has made a currency worth more than Panama.

Years in the works Bitcoins [Blue Sky Breakout] Gaining 50%+ since Elon talked on Robinhood two weeks ago.

Tomorrow’s article, deep dive into the function of Pumpamentals. Using Gamestop stock price and looking at Robinhood and Adena Friedman’s response.

This is my experiment, Method and results so far.

Group theory, tells us with a large enough data set, the medium answer is likely to a closest to the right answer.

Testing this I invested real money into a Reddit suggestion.

Difficult maths can be much easier. Let the group…

The richest man in the world just put 1.5 billion into Bitcoin.

Elon musk has added a golden arrow to the argument for Bitcoin as a hold of value.

Tangible value to bitcoin

Graphing the real-world value of Bitcoin over time. Next week I will release charts with the price of a Telsa, Number of pints and the average cost of a house in the UK ~£200,000.

Pitching the price of Bitcoin to the Tesla product line. Elon has openly stated he wishes to…

Seems like a well-organised system is trying to stop us — Don’t let them Find a way — Sending GME 🚀🚀🚀🚀

GME sellers in the UK???

T212 has stopped taking on a new account.

I have been looking for about 6 hours now. Where in the UK will sell GMe this week?

Reply on Reddit

Retards us UK twat are looking to buy GME and AMC this week — What brokerage?

Do you have…

Merlin Headington

Yo, I'm Merlin. This is what I am interested enough in to share with you

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